Fifty-percent of the stud fee benefits various charities!

Contact LF at Planet Llama for more information.

Featuring MFI Peruvian Riveria!

With MFI Peruvian Riveria located at PlanetLlama LLC in Bluffton, Ohio, your alpaca will also benefit from professional treatment under the supervision of Dr. Cheryl DeWitt.

Stud Fee: $1,200

Benefits the International Camelid Institute

The mission of PlanetLlama (and Riveria) is twofold… spread great genetics and help out where we can. Fifty percent of MFI Peruvian Riveria’s stud fees go to charities, ranging from the International Camelid Institute, The Heifer Project, The Humane Society, and private donations to help fund research in South America that directly benefits the Camelids and the people of the region.

If you are interested in scheduling a breeding, would like more information, or would just like to donate/participate in any of our worthy causes please contact Eric DeWitt (LlamaFeeder), farm manager at Planet Llama.

MFI Peruvian Riveria - son of PPPeruvian Augusto 6009
ARI: 803959 · DOB: 20 APR 98
Sire: PPPeruvian Augusto 6009
Dam: PPeruvian Socorra B4094